New Zealand Hiking

Last November I had a wonderful time hiking the Milford and Routeburn Tracks in New Zealand with Amelia. It goes without saying that New Zealand punches way above its weight for eye candy wilderness (just don't mention the SAND FLIES Andy). I've also said it a million times before that I love shooting on days with strong sun and stormy clouds - fortunately that seems to be the norm in NZ. For the Milford hike I went light weight and only took my Fuji X100T which did an amazing job and was always at hand in a small pouch on my backpack.

Newcastle Ocean Baths

I was in Newcastle recently shooting for a client. As luck would have it I stayed on for the weekend by the beach overlooking this amazing art deco ocean bath. A little old and weather beaten from 100 years of salt, wind and ocean swells the place still has great charm and is obviously loved by the locals. I'm guessing a few years ago some work was done to restore the facade and some of the facilities but much of it would seem to be in original condition. Between trips to the local surf beach and poking around town I spent a fair bit of time at the pool capturing the locals at play and the various moods of the place.

John Olsen one of my favorite artists was having a show at the local gallery. He was born in Newcastle in 1928 and they were celebrating his birthday on the day I visited. A raffle was been held to purchase one of his works. The prize - one of his limited edition prints so of course I purchased 10 tickets - fingers crossed.

Little India - Singapore

A riot of colour greats the eye as you step off the bus at Bukit Timah Rd just north of downtown Singapore. Certainly not a fake tourist inspired "Little Whatever" - this place is about as close as you could get to an authentic Indian outpost.

I take my hat off to Alex Webb - one of my all time favorite photographers. His ability to create compositional harmony from the chaos of the street is second to none. Light and shade, colour, negative space and an uncanny eye for linking foreground and background elements are the hallmarks of Alex's work.  Although I'm looking at the architecture his work was certainly knocking around my head as I wandered the streets of Little India.