Southern Coast of Victoria

A few of my images from our recent trip around the Southern Coast of Victoria. We bush walked through Wilson Promontory, spent New Years Eve in a lighthouse and "Crampervaned" down the Great Ocean Road.

I even managed to catch a few waves at Wye River and some Southern Ocean beauties at Port Fairy. The jetty break at Port Campbell was also looking pretty tasty. I was tempted to venture out alone till a local fisherman informed me about a 4.5 metre shark lurking around - not surprisingly my trusty kneeboard stayed dry on that particular day.

Very sad to see the bushfire destruction of what must have been some gorgeous holiday homes perched on the hills overlooking the ocean at Wye River. We arrived at Cumberland River campground on the same day that the road was opened up past Lorne. Amazingly the camp manager asked if we were planing on having a fire and would we like to buy some fire wood - are you kidding!!! - about 15 kms away over 100 homes were destroyed just a few short days ago. Apparently Cumberland River is one of the few campgrounds in Victoria that still allows open fires.

As usual I traveled with my little Fuji X100T and Canon Mkiii loaded with a 24mm TS-E II Tilt Shift lens. Bushwalking with that rig was a bit of a pain with regards to weight but well worth it once we stopped for a couple of days at the lighthouse. I might look at a pancake lens next time - even though I love the tilt shift lens its a heavy and bulky bit of gear taking up valuable space in my backpack.

Road Trip

I have the honour of creating a library of images for the Catholic Education Office in Townsville. I'll visit all 32 schools in the Townsville Diocese to capture images of the kids and all aspects of the various Catholic Schools in Townsville and regional QLD. Over the next several weeks I'll shoot about 35,000 images and deliver approximately 6,000 to the Office. I'll do a blog post soon of some of my favourite school images but for now here are some images from my road trip to the schools in Western QLD - Charters Towers, Hughenden and Winton. It's my 4th time out there and a drive that I absolutely love. It's also the first time I've seen grass near Winton. Problem been that following the rain all the fly's hatch out and they were a total nightmare - my tropical strength roll on Aeroguard was completely useless. Within seconds after stepping out of the car you were attacked by dozens of them wanting to get into your nose, mouth and ears.At one stage while doing bit of a "psychogeography" walk around Winton a gentleman drove up in his 4x4 and asked if I wanted to look at the racecourse. In true psychogeography fashion I thought well why not as there could be some good photographic possibilities out there. He showed me his race winning ponies, the local dam and so forth. As we neared the stables I noticed a massive cattle prod next to where I was sitting. I suddenly thought that this is way too "Wolf Creek" for my liking and kindly asked if he could return me back to town. He of course obliged and I was safely delivered back to the corner he picked me up from - "thanks mate that was interesting" All these images were processed with the recently released VSCO film pack 5 which is dedicated to create the look of archetypal colour negative emulsions from days gone by. Western QLDWestern QLDWestern QLDWestern QLDWestern QLDWestern QLDWestern_QLD_007Western QLDWestern QLDWestern QLDWestern QLDWestern QLDWestern_QLD_013Western QLDWestern QLDWestern QLDWestern QLDWestern QLD