New Canon 5Ds at the Townsville Show

I took possession last week of the new Canon 5Ds from my wonderful local suppliers Garricks Camera House at the Domain in Townsville. This "Nifty Fifty" is one hell of a camera with a new 50 Meg sensor under the hood plus some sweet additional features. I wouldn't normally plan to use it in a low light situation but it did amazingly well in the twilight conditions at the show.

I plan to use this camera for my architecture and commercial work to enable me to deliver the best possible files generated from a DSLR with an eye to fine detail and big enlargements. For some time I've been looking at moving into medium format but as DSLR's continue to forge ahead that day seems to be getting further away. To be honest my style of shooting sits well with the flexibility of shooting with a smaller camera and thankfully Canon's tilt shift lenses are freaking amazing.