Little India - Singapore

A riot of colour greats the eye as you step off the bus at Bukit Timah Rd just north of downtown Singapore. Certainly not a fake tourist inspired "Little Whatever" - this place is about as close as you could get to an authentic Indian outpost.

I take my hat off to Alex Webb - one of my all time favorite photographers. His ability to create compositional harmony from the chaos of the street is second to none. Light and shade, colour, negative space and an uncanny eye for linking foreground and background elements are the hallmarks of Alex's work.  Although I'm looking at the architecture his work was certainly knocking around my head as I wandered the streets of Little India.

Life on the Helix Bridge

The Helix Bridge in Singapore was designed by Cox Architecture and opened in early 2010. With a design inspired by the DNA Double Helix it completes the walkway around Marina Bay which has rapidly become the focus of tourism in Singapore.

For this shoot I decided to look not only at the architecture but also the people using the bridge and waterfront areas adjacent to it . Runners, tourists, maintenance workers, Buddhist Monks, artists ...

Lots more to come in the next few weeks from my time shooting in Singapore.