Little India - Singapore

A riot of colour greats the eye as you step off the bus at Bukit Timah Rd just north of downtown Singapore. Certainly not a fake tourist inspired "Little Whatever" - this place is about as close as you could get to an authentic Indian outpost.

I take my hat off to Alex Webb - one of my all time favorite photographers. His ability to create compositional harmony from the chaos of the street is second to none. Light and shade, colour, negative space and an uncanny eye for linking foreground and background elements are the hallmarks of Alex's work.  Although I'm looking at the architecture his work was certainly knocking around my head as I wandered the streets of Little India.

Streets of Brisbane

A continuation of my "Streets of ..." series. This time Brisbane get a staring role. I could soon get to really love this city. I must admit that I come from a very "Melbournecentric" background and for me Brisbane has always been the place for quick bite before heading on to Noosa or the optional international airport within reach from Townsville (Cairns being the other option). But I'm now beginning to see this city and its potential in a very different light.

Well Hello Brisbane...

Streets of Japan

A mixed collection of images from Tokyo, Nagoya and Nozawa Onsen. No contemporary architecture or old temples here - just the day to day vernacular buildings of modern day Japan. Narrow alleyways, riotous neon signs, crazy electrical infrastructure and so on...

What Colour is Blue?

Something of a little research project here. What colour is blue? Or more specifically how does film/digital render the colour blue of a sunny sky? Well back in the day Velvia 50 slide film was the ultimate film of choice for rendering deep in your face blue skys. The blue you would expect at Bondi Beach on a summers day or an impossible blue against the red desert sands of the outback. Since my home turf is the skin cancer capital of Oz I get plenty of sunny days to shoot and as such blue will often be the dominant colour. There ends up being a bit of a sameness in the colour spectrum even with the aid of a massive catalogue of lightroom film simulations that I call on from time to time when outputting my digital files.

So here is a bit of an experiment in distorting that out of camera blue. A way to add a little more personality into my sunny day images. I'm going for something of a modernist look here that could work with my architectural images. Stay tuned for more of this look...