Streets of Japan

A mixed collection of images from Tokyo, Nagoya and Nozawa Onsen. No contemporary architecture or old temples here - just the day to day vernacular buildings of modern day Japan. Narrow alleyways, riotous neon signs, crazy electrical infrastructure and so on...

Architecture in Japan

Some of the recent additions to the Japanese skyline from my early 2015 visit. These are from Nagoya and central Tokyo with a couple at the end from Sakushima Island. My next post will be more of a collection of Vernacular Architecture plus some crazy street scenes in Tokyo. It was such a blessing to be able to spend a full month exploring the cities and countryside of Japan this year.

I was pleased to keep my travel kit to a minimum - small point + shoot (Fijifilm x100t) and a Canon 5D with 24mm TiltShift lens, mini carbon fibre legs and some ND filters for long exposures - not too many clouds for the whole month so I only had one chance to use the filters on the Mode Gakuen Cocoon Tower in Tokyo.