New Toys

art in the environment Lots of new "toys" installed on my computer. I loaded the new Adobe CS4 this week mainly due to the improvements in Flash that I need for University assignments. Also bought myself a present shown here. Photographic Edges by AutoFX. Its way better than the old version and much faster, should be lots of fun.

Days Like These

From time to time I complain and grumble with the family about the extra cost and time we spend commuting from home on Magnetic Island to work and school in Townsville.

On days like these I can't think of a better place in the world to live. This creek with waterfalls and swimming holes is just over the back fence and up in the local mountains. I spent several hours there yesterday playing in the water, photographing and exploring with my boys Dylan, Sascha and Milo.
It makes all that time spent commuting on the ferry well worth it...this is really living the dream.

Wet Season

We just made it home from Sydney on the last available barge to Magnetic Island. No boats going to Townsville today due to the wind and rain. With massive high tides and waves the Picnic Bay jetty has taken a pounding and waves are washing over the road between Nelly and Picnic. I just love this weather and it gives me a nice excuse to have a quiet one at home.