This is a brochure I've designed for a fictitious transport company in the year 3097. Why you may ask...Its an assignment for New Media Arts at JCU.

"Since the year 3097 UP has been a leader in the transport of people and goods throughout the universe. Our safety record is unmatched by any other logistics company operating from planet Earth. Whether your requirements are for a family skiing holiday on the planet Iciss or transporting mining equipment and personnel to the outer universe our systems and experience will deliver you safely to your destination.

UP was founded by Andrew Rankin the inventor of “Time Parallel Travel” and leader in the field of “Quantum Realities” and “Multi Dimensional Travel”. In a nutshell we can transport people and goods to any destination within the known universe and to arrive at anytime in the past or several centuries into the future. Just think of the advantage to your business where you can deliver goods to your customers before they order them. Or show your children the wonders of alien cultures unknown till only recently.

Millions of people from Earth have chosen UP to deliver themselves and their families to dream holiday destinations or to join the growing wave of immigration to newly discovered star systems in the outer galaxy's. Our experienced team of travel advisors will guide you through the initial stage of uplift to our near Earth orbiting jump station. From this station you or your goods will be instantly transported to your desired location.

By pressing the button at the bottom of this page this brochure will become a communication device connected to the Universal Wide Web. You will instantly be able see and talk to one of our consultants and receive a quote for your transport needs.

Choose UP to take you to the stars."