Jezzine Barracks

After more than a decade of talk the northern end of Townsville's Strand is finally complete. Linking Anzac Park in the south to Rowes Bay in the north - Jezzine Barracks is the new goto place for joggers, dog walkers and visitors with an interest in local military and indigenous history. Commissioned artworks, extensive landscaping and views across Cleveland Bay complete what began over 10 years ago and in combination with The Strand could arguably be one of the best and most utilised public spaces in regional Australia.


For me what is interesting (frustrating) is not what is there but what is missing...

Being a southerner I've spent many a summer and chilly winter out beyond the breakers on my surfboard. Strolling along the new boardwalk I've realized that Townsville has (potentially) a world class surf break. As good as Ragland, Jeffery's Bay or Noosa Heads on its day. I can picture massive swells breaking at kissing point and spiting out machine like barrels that roll all the way to Rowes Bay. No need to paddle back out - just walk along the boardwalk and launch into it again off the rocks at Kissing Point. While taking these photos I spent hours watching 2 inch swells line up perfectly and roll into the bay thinking that one day it will happen. Of course there is the small problem of the Barrier Reef and Magnetic Island blocking the swells and Cleveland Bay is too shallow and would squeeze all the energy out of the deep ocean swells. I think it will soon be time for me to move back south but for now there is nothing wrong with a bit of harmless day dreaming.

Now here is a thought - what about a wave machine? Are you listening Townsville City Council - QLD Government.




Project Design Manager - THINC Projects

Lead Consultants - Cox Rayner & Tippett Schrock

Landscape Architect - Place design Group

Interpretive Elements - The Jumbana Group

Wayfinding and Signage - Dotdash

Project delivery management - Townsville City Council