Robert Johnston

Meet Robert Johnston. Champion junior hammer thrower from Townsville. He's soon heading to Europe for the World under 20's championships and other competitions. Can throw the hammer over 60 meters and in his spare time studies medicine at James Cook University.

He is a big boy…..

I avoided the temptation of everyones favourite trick of strapping camera to the hammer and firing by remote with it facing back to the athlete while spinning around. Several years ago Bruce Postle of The Age Newspaper in Melbourne famously tried the trick. The athlete forgot about the camera and let fly with hammer and camera attached. Of course 70 meters off in the distance lay a destroyed Nikon Camera. Bruce was well known for trashing Age equipment in the chase for a great news image - he won several awards. I doubt my Canon Mk11 is licensed to fly so I settled on a more sedate shoot.

Andrew Rankin gives a high five to new Lightroom workflow, VSCO film and winter light…yeah...