Chipmunks on Speed

Yesterday was the end of semester and time to present our major group assignments to the clients, industry reps, head of school etc. I'd been looking forward to it for a long time and found it hard to concentrate on any work in the morning.
So I treated myself to a haircut, nice lunch and a few last minute changes to the site (is the any end to typos?).
We were all advised to check our site on the lecture theatre computer before the presentation. Our site had two potential problems - we knew recent versions of Firefox did strange things to the page layouts and would the sound work properly?
There was lots of noise in the lecture theatre when I checked our site. The splash page came up and above the noise I could just hear the soundtrack - the pitch sounded very high and I thought it was just the crappy sound system but at least it came on. Anyway all seemed fine so I skipped to the home page and all looked good - later we all realized the the screen res was on the wrong setting which didn't help at all with the presentations.
We were on last.
Splash page comes up....
Ohhh Shite !!!!!!!!!!! Fark !!!!!!!!!!
The soundtrack is running at more that twice normal speed !!!!!!!!!
Sounds like Chipmunks on speed
In all the endless testing in the weeks before on all sorts of computers this had never happened and why now?
Anyway we gathered ourselves and continued on with the presentation - the show must go on and all was fine in the end.
After a wrap up in the mega lab it was of to speech night for middle son Sascha.
Usual fare of endless speeches and at times out of tune singing. Sascha performed an awesome rendition of "Straighten up and Fly Right" on the grand piano. He also picked up an award for academic excellence.
On the way home he said that he might try harder next year and wants to be dux of the school...good on you Sascha.