Gold Coast Architecture Part 2

Some long exposures from the Gold Coast with what has turned out to be a faulty filter by Firecrest. Thankfully the people at B+H in New York are sending me a replacement just in time for my upcoming trip to Japan in a few weeks time. It created these weird rings in the sky with any image shot at any aperture smaller than f5.6. Totally useless when I'm wanting to do 5 minute or longer exposures. Still a bit of heavy black and white + lots of grain in post has masked the worst of it. Lesson number one - always test out new gear before heading off for a shoot. Of course I know that - I simply didn't follow my own advice this time.

Gold Coast Architecture Part 1

Spent a few days recently for a bit of R & R on the Gold Coast. And yep a good time to shoot some images of the extraordinary thing that is the Gold Coast - we all need a bit of bling from time to time. I haven't been there for about 30 years and in those years the march of the developers has moved at quite a pace. I not sure of the term "Surfers Paradise" though. That name really should be moved further south to the world class breaks of Burleigh Heads, Kirra, Superbank etc.

Anyway here is my first set of images - next up is some long-exposures I tried out.