Polaroids at the Circus

I've been lusting after the new Leica M rangefinder camera this weekend. Sometimes you just want to work simple and have some fun. I'm kicking myself that years back I sold off my two Leica M6's with amazing Leica glass out the front. At that time they just didn't cut it for the style of magazine and commercial work I was doing. Even film is something I'm now begging to miss a lot - "film is not dead it just smells funny" - ain't that the truth. So to scratch my itch I headed out today with my trusty Fuji FP-1 rangefinder Polaroid mothership with a couple of boxes of Fuji FP-3000b and FP-100c. There's a lot to be said about slowing down and considering before hitting the shutter which is something at times we forget with digital. The rangefinder system seems to bring you more in touch with the subject and I love the moment of truth when you peel back a fresh print. Still I love my 5D, iPhone, Lightroom etc etc but shooting a bit of film / polaroid every now and then seems to soothe the soul in a way that digital just doesn't match.Im hoping to build this into an exhibition of images shot around Townsville on Polaroid.

Polaroid black and white