This place is beginning to feel like my 2nd home. Nice to have a break from the heat of summer in Townsville and enjoy some time away from the phones. My kids are skiing like champions now and its great to spend some time together before we all get stuck back into work, school, uni etc.

Dreaming of a White Christmas

Exactly one year ago we were packing to go to Canada for one month of skiing in British Columbia. It was the dream family holiday that we had been planning for over a year. I got very obsessed by it all and spent lots of time that year on a chat forum talking to others going to the same resort. I even produced a book based on the forum.

We had the most amazing time, skied our butts of every day and in between played ice hockey at the local pond, drove through blizzards, had some great meals and met up with some "forum friends". Returning home in February I thought I'd got it all out of my system and got right back into work at the studio. I basically haven't stopped all year and am now taking a well earned rest over Christmas.  As the weather here has been getting hotter I've found myself thinking more and more about Canada. Lately I've been looking back at the forum, now with a new bunch talking about their upcoming trips, looking at weather maps and checking the resort cams as the early season snow starts to build up.   




In fact the whole family wants to do it again. Why wouldn't they...we had the best time. Anyway fingers crossed for a good year in 2009 and we could be back for Jan this space.